These are the standings after “low point drop”. Explanation – in ESA, whenever more than 4 comps are held, a surfers low score is dropped. If a surfer surfed 4 contests but missed one, then  “0 points” are deducted. In divisions where 4 or less competitions were held, there is no deduction and the sum of points earned is the actual season score. Below, you will see scores reflected with the surfers “low score” already dropped. These scores are being posted and will be forwarded to our regional director to be compared with other districts in the southeast to determine who will receive an invite to regionals. Even when slots are awarded there may be an opportunity for surfers not receiving an initial slot to be awarded an alternate slot. So the moral to this story is stay tuned and when slot info is released we will let you know the info link. We will post updates on our site and on Facebook. Congrats to all of our competitors. You should be proud of your success.

(after 5th competition with “low-point drop”)

revised boys standings season 2012