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Come to Ponce de Leon Landing Park and the CFL ESA “Surf Santa” Contest 5 of the 2014 Season Saturday December 13, 2014 (wave backup date December 14) at Ponce de Leon Landing Park in Melbourne Beach. Come have fun and earn valuable ranking points for qualifications for Easterns!

Registration deadline Wednesday December 10, 2014

Register Online at:

This event is sponsored by Paddleboard House & find them at: (website)

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Avoid the beach entry fee (additional $20) and sign up now, online!

This is a Contest 5 – Wave Watch – Possible Back-up Date Announcement
Running surf contests is fun! Way more fun, when there’s waves! Anyone who surfs in Florida in the summer time knows it can be a real challenge to find a bump out there. We are trying to fix our wave machine, but in the meantime, we have booked Saturday and Sunday December 13-14 in hopes that by Friday morning we will be able to make the call. This way we can hopefully insure that we’re surfing on the better of the 2 days as well as helping everyone to plan their weekend with plenty of notice.

So, please let everyone know, Friday morning we will post whether the contest will be held Saturday or Sunday. No need to message us, it will be posted.

Thanks and let’s pray for surf! See you on the beach!!