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Snapshot ESA

Contest 3 Results

Ponce de Leon Park, Melbourne Beach FL

August 18, 2013

Polliwogs                                   Men

1 Tanner Corbitt                      1  Caleb Couture

2 Logan Sanders                      2 Kieran Grant

3 Gillian Craig                          3 Nick French

4 Tyden Cheatham                   4 Taylor O’Shea

5 Caroline Boeje                       5 Ben Jordan

6 Alanna Boyd                          6 Lee Jordan

Menehune                              Masters

1 Noah Dovin                           1 Eric Benton

2 Blake Spier                            2 Sam Mallender

3 Rachel Presti                         3 Kevin Posey

4 Hanna Everingham

5 Tanner Corbitt

6 Tyler Helock

Boys                                      Sr Men

1 Christian Mocny                   1 Dan Dunagan

2 Christian Daniels                  2 Randy Sanders

3 Joey Putnall                          3 Michael Gale

4 Jonathan Wallhauser            4 Phil Magliocetti

5 Kai Cheatham

6 Ryan Mason

 Jr. Men                                Grandmasters

1 Fisher Grant                        1 Sean Hayes

2 Nile Forsberg                      2 Craig Bounds

3 Pierson Prince                     3 Jamie Savage

4 Luke French                        4 Russ Drevitson

5 Tommy Lueck                     5 Jeff Majaika

6 Kasey Filmore                     6 Mike Grant

Legends                              Grand Legends

1 Charlie Paxton                   1 Bob Freeman

2 Larry Holmes                     2 Mario Deluca

Open Shortboard                Open Longboard

1 Kieran Grant                      1 Fisher Grant

2 Noah Dovin                       2 Corey Willams

3 Caleb Couture                   3  Kieran Grant

4 Blake Spier                        4 Christian Mocny

5 Jonathan Wallhauser          5 Kasey Filmore

6 Joey Putnal                        6 Austin Hollingshead

Menehune Longboard        Jr Men Longboard

1 Jack Everett                       1 Fisher Grant

2 Morgan Bakinowski           2 Austin Hollingshead

3 Christian Mocny                3 Pierson Prince

4 Jonathan Wallhauser         4 Conner Neff

5 Curren Schwartz               5 Kasey Filmore

6 Tyden Cheatham

Men’s Longboard               Masters Longboard

1 Corey Williams                  1 Jack Gunn

2 Kieran Grant                     2 Mike Grant

3 Willy Cole

4 Dakota Deluca

5 Robert Marucci

Legends Longboard           Open SUP

1 Jeff Majaika                       1 Kieran Grant

2 Bob Freeman                     2 Fisher Grant

3 Charlie Paxton                  3 Willy Cole

4 Larry Holmes                    4 Austin Hollingshead

Girls                                  Jr Women

1 Rachel Presti                    1 Salome Abeger

2 Storm Portman

3 Dakota Bonds

4 Coral Schuster

5 Hanna Everingham

6 Sydney Corbitt

Jr Women Longboard        Women Longboard

1 Skylyr Magliocetti             1 Michelle Mulak

2 Storm Portman

3 Morgan Bakinowski

4 Emma Filmore

Ladies                                Ladies Longboard

1 Debbie Walker                  1 Debbie Walker

2 Kelly Kimberly                  2 Sandra Goodwin

3 Michelle Mulak                 3 Kelly Kimberly

4 Shannon Reichel

waterproof-cards.com dip into H2O

dip into H2O

Our "Dip into H2O" sponsor An Amazing Product

Our “Dip into H2O” sponsor
An Amazing Product


Note – This is a double beach contest

Meaning – 2 heats will run simultaneously

This is being done to accommodate the 48 heats planned for this event

And in and effort to complete all of the divisions in a timely manner

The first 2 pages of heats represents the divisions that will surf at the “main beach” location

The 2nd 2 pages of heats represents the divisions that will surf at the “beach B” location (adjacent)

The blank heats will be filled by the advancing 50% from qualifying heats

Please review to insure your name is entered in the correct division(s)

Heat sheets for “Dip into H2O”

These are the heats for the Main Beach

Note – Heat 1 starts at 8 AM

MAIN BEACH SHEET 1 AUG 18, 2013 jpgMAIN BEACH SHEET 2 AUG 18, 2013 jpg

These are the heats for “Beach B”

Note – Heat 1B starts at 8 AM

polly 1B

BEACH B2 AUG 18, 2013 jpg

Good morning ESA! Well, looking at all indicators available to us, we have made the decision to move the contest to Sunday in hope the the wind swell that’s coming our way will be better conditions for all. Still at Ponce de Leon Park 7:30 check in and we are aiming for a 7:45 or 8:00 start. Also, Let everyone know, this will be a double beach format which means there will be a north heat and a south heat in the water at the same time. We need everyone to help by being alert and paying attention to the schedule as things will move fast on the beach. With everyone’s cooperation, things will run smoothly and we ask that surfers and parents try to use the heat board rather than asking officials, as we are usually very busy with tabulations and heat draws and advances. We are happy to say that we have 2 complete judging panels that will give our surfers the attention they deserve in their heats. We will miss our judges Chip Hall and Barry Pasonski as they are headed to Virginia Beach to judge at the ECSC. They’re some of the best and we’re glad to have them on our panel. Wish them a safe trip and we’ll see them back at the next contest!
See you on the beach Sunday!

Contest 3 - Dip Into H2O

Contest 3 – Dip Into H2O

This is a Contest 3 – Wave Watch – Possible Back-up Date Announcement

Running surf contests is fun! Way more fun, when there’s waves! Anyone who surfs in Florida in the summer time knows it can be a real challenge to find a bump out there. We are trying to fix our wave machine, but in the meantime, we have booked Saturday and Sunday in hopes that by Friday morning we will be able to make the call. This way we can hopefully insure that we’re surfing on the better of the 2 days as well as helping everyone to plan their weekend with plenty of notice.

So, please let everyone know, Friday morning we will post whether the contest will be held Saturday or Sunday. Ne need to message us, it will be posted.

Thanks and let’s pray for surf! See you on the beach!!


Online registration open till 7 PM Thursday 8/15/13

Hello and hope the summer has been fun for all and that everyone has been able to get some surf in. We are getting ready for our next competition and have opened the online registration for this event (which will close 8/15 @ 7PM). Note – If you were signed up. either online or by mail-in entry for our Contest 2 in July (which was cancelled due to no waves and an early thunderstorm) your entry is good to go for our Contest 3 date. We are scheduled for August 17, 2013 at Ponce de Leon Park this time. We have opened registration to allow our surfers who may previously not have been able to participate at the July event to get signed up and come surf with us! If you choose to, you may send in your entry via mail,  but it must be received by Thursday 8/15. Entries received after this date, as well as those signing up on the beach, will be subject to $20 “beach-entry” fee. Thanks to all of you who took advantage of our online registration in July and to those who got your entries in early! It’s going to make our ability to start competition earlier and to be way more organized!

Again, we’d like to thank waterproof cards.com for being our event sponsor!

Contest 3 - Dip Into H2O

Contest 3 – Dip Into H2O

Contest 2 Update

Ok! We’re getting ready for a fun day tomorrow! Heats are mostly seeded and we are trying to get the comp started at 7:45 AM. We will double Beach the early rounds so make a note!
– On the Main Beach- we will start with 4 full heats of Open Shortboard followed by Jr Mens, Boys
– On Beach B- we will start with Pollywogs, Menehune, Girls, & Jr Women, Ladies, Menehune Longboard
Our goal is to end Double Beach at 10:30 and continue is a single-beach format for all semi-final and final heats.
Online registration in closed and “Beach Entry” is limited to available slots in each division. Most divisions are full so if you want to surf and you haven’t signed up, we suggest you get to the beach and check the boards. “Beach Entry” Fee applies. Thanks to everyone who got their entries in early! That’s what we’re talking about!

Our "Dip into H2O" sponsor An Amazing Product

Our “Dip into H2O” sponsor
An Amazing Product

Please support our sponsors! They help us to run fun events for our surfers!

waterproof-cards.com dip into H2O

dip into H2O

This event is sponsored by the folks at waterproof-cards.com, a huge shout out to them for supporting surfers and the Central Florida Eastern Surfing Association! We’re so stoked on them, we named our event after their motto, you really can “dip it in H2O”! Check them out for their amazing products and service!! Thanks!


Come to the “Dip Into H2O” ESA Contest #2 of the 2013-14 Season Saturday June 20, 2013 at Spessard Holland Park South in Melbourne Beach. Come have fun and earn valuable ranking points for qualifications for Easterns!


This is new – so please read – beach entries = late fee

It is preferred that you use our *new* online entry. However, if you like “snail-mail” click here for an entry form, print and mail by the Monday before the contest date. Mailed-in entries not received by Wednesday before contest are subject to a $20 late fee

Register online today!!  Choose your division and proceed to checkout. If you have an additional division(s) you wish to surf in, scroll down and select from the “additional entry” section for the division(s) you wish to add, then proceed to checkout. Easy, huh?

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